Germán Tello


Music Production


Have you written a song on piano or guitar and would now like to have it produced professionally? I can help you produce your next album or single providing you the highest quality productions for your top-line melody and lyrics. No matter the genre, I can adapt to the needs of each artist. This is the perfect way to turn your initial song idea into a finished production and potential hit song.

Music for Film and TV


In Film and TV productions, music is so important as visuals. As a Film Composer with 7 years experience in media , I wrote the music for more than 40 projects all around the world including feature films, shorts, advertisements and videogames. I can create custom acurated music to match the tone of your next project. Need Orchestral music? Ambiental? Jazz? Electronic? Let’s talk about it!



Are you a singer looking for original songs? Do you have lyrics and need help writing a melody? Or do you have a melody and would like some lyrics to be added to it? I can write original songs based on reference tracks or artists you love. This service tends to focus more on the lyrics, melodies and chords and will be more acoustically based, as opposed to a full production. If you need both I have the perfect package for you!

Film Works